“Being the strongest provider of products and brands to water management solutions, green areas and power generation.”


“Providing innovative solutions to market products to meet the needs of our customers in the area of ​​water management, maintenance of green areas and power generation.”

Organizational Values

We believe that labor discipline, teamwork, respect, and commitment of our employees are the best guarantee to achieve excellence in our performance, providing the highest standards of quality and service to our customers.


We believe that the continued satisfaction of our customers, exceeding their expectations for quality and service, combined with innovative solutions to their needs are the key to business sustainability in the long term.


We believe that our actions must respond to the interests of our community, customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders; under the objective of creating value, welfare, professional development and long-term stay.


We believe that ethical, professional and dedicated performance are essential for developing our presence and image in the markets in which we participate.


We believe that value creation is the product of labor discipline, able to combine the creative use of our resources with proper leadership at all levels of the organization.

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