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The commitment of CERES to the environment is reflected in the HYDRAULICS business unit. Since the 60’s, the company has provided water pumps for diverse applications and the company’s evolution has mirrored that of the country in the last 40 years, transitioning from an agricultural economy to a mixed economy, where services and industry are a growing part of the export portfolio.


CERES offers the best solutions for water management and our world-class brands allow you to choose from the widest possible range of pumps for any type of fluid.


Our product portfolio includes electric, diesel or gasoline motor driven pumps for high pressure or high flow needs.


Water is essential to most life forms known to man, including humans. Access to clean water has improved during the past few decades throughout the world, but FAO studies estimate that one in five developing countries will have shortages by 2030. In these countries, it is crucial to save water used for agriculture by modernizing irrigation systems.


So, supported by the knowledge and experience accumulated by CERES, starting in the 90’s the company pioneered the local manufacturing, design and installation of constant pressure equipment as the best water-management solution for industrial, municipal, residential and commercial applications, as well as construction projects and sale to state institutions.


Today, CERES has installed advanced technology constant pressure systems in more than four hundred projects in Costa Rica, diversifying its portfolio in systems for water treatment with chlorine or UV, specialized filters, pumps for recirculation of hot water, sewage, high organic content water or rainwater, as well as submergible pumps for deep wells.

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