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Starting in the late 50’s, CERES led the introduction in Costa Rica of agricultural equipment and later diversified itself as an early pioneer in landscaping and environmental management.


The environment is the set of physical, chemical, biological, social, economic and cultural components capable of causing direct and indirect effects on life in the short or long term.


From the human point of view, when we speak about environment in CERES we refer to the environment and particularly conditions affecting the life circumstances of people or society as a whole.


Costa Rica is a world leader in environmental protection and enjoys especially rich biodiversity, even considering its limited geographical territory (52,100 km2).


With this focus on environmental protection since the late 50’s, CERES has developed a wide range of machinery to meet the needs of the most demanding market segments: residential, food processing, agricultural industry and state institutions.


Our wide variety of brush cutters and edgers, lawn mowers for residential or professional use, hedge trimmers, chain saws, leaf blowers, power drills, tractor mowers, zero-radius cutters and many more power tools make this business unit the best solution for contractors, companies specializing in landscaping, parks and all those who need to maintain their gardens, properties, sports field, hotels, parks, cemeteries or large agricultural facilities.

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